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You can join the NRPT by completing our online form, link attached below, and follow the instructions to submit your qualification documents. The annual membership fee is £110.11 including VAT. We email reminders every year just before your expiry dates.

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1. Why join the NRPT?

We're still the ONLY truly nationwide personal trainer directory that checks trainers have qualifications and insurance.

Our annual membership fee is great value, we continue to expand and improve our online and offline presence very carefully in order to drive targeted traffic to our PT directory. We also have the UK's most extensive network coverage.

» Personal Trainer FAQs about the NRPT


2. What Do We Offer?

For an annual membership fee you get a full profile, national promotions with leading UK brands, exclusive member offers, regular national press and TV coverage, access to competitive Public Liability Insurance.

If you would like to take out our insurance (£98.20, or £160 including sports therapy), then simply call once you've applied and we can arrange that over the phone for you.

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» Personal Trainer Insurance


3. How does NRPT differ from REPs?

The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) is the UK regulator for Fitness Professionals including PTs. So if you register with them you demonstrate that you meet the industry standard.

They do have a trainer search but they don't actively promote their register of trainers or their website, they also don't appear on Google searches, which is where the NRPT differs. The actively promotes you online and we verify that every applicant has a Level 3 qualification along with public liability insurance cover.


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