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Personal Training Courses in Hertfordshire

Looking for personal training courses in Hertfordshire to start on a new career? Why not check out the for the latest reviews and information on leading training providers. One thing with personal training courses in Hertfordshire is to ensure they adhere to the Register of Exercise Professionals standards ( Fortunately all the courses and providers we feature do!

There is some variation in personal training courses between providers, so compare a few before you make any final decisions. There may be different modules or routes to achieveing the desired PT qualification. One final thing to consider is that you need to get a job on completing your hard-earned personal training course qualification, so bear that in mind when you choose your provider too as some provide guarranteed placements to get you started.

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Additional Training Courses across the UK

EIF Master Trainer & Fitness & Motivation Coach

Qualification: CYQ Personal Trainer Award + ACSM FitCoach

Location: Telford (Lilleshall National Sports Centre)

A new kind of personal trainer course. Become the very best with our Master Trainer PT Course.

Type of Course: Full-time

Personal Trainer Massage

Qualification: CYQ Level 2: Gym Instructor Certificate, CYQ Level 3: Certificate in Personal Training (QCF), Discovery Learning Certificate: Level 3 Master Personal Trainer Active IQ certificate in Sports Massage Therapies, Discovery Learning Certificate in Sports Massage Therapies

Location: Bournemouth (Fitspace Gym), Cardiff, Coventry, Leeds, Manchester

A niche personal training course that puts you above your average personal trainer, gain better knowledge and REP points.

Type of Course: Part-time

Level 4 Advanced Personal Trainer & Life Coach

Qualification: Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training, Level 4 Obesity & Diabetes Management, Level 5 Life Coach


This course combines a number of key qualifications designed to help kick start your career in personal training.

Type of Course: Full-time

Personal Trainer Plus

Qualification: Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing (QCF) - Gym Based Exercise, CYQ Level 3: Certificate in Personal Training (QCF) + Discovery Learning Certificates

Location: Cardiff (Sophia Gardens), London, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Manchester, Coventry, Leeds, Bournemouth

You will be given all of the knowledge you need to become a first class personal trainer and work as a self-employed PT

Type of Course: Part-time

Personal Training Diploma

Qualification: LAO Level 3 Diploma In Personal Training and Business Planning (QCF)

Location: London, Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham, Reading, Southampton, Watford

Why not qualify as a personal trainer with business, marketing and customer interaction skills needed to be a success.

Type of Course: Part-time

Elite Personal Trainer Course

Qualification: VFA Elite Personal Trainer


Make the best start to your new career with our top qualification, giving you the greatest earning potential from day one.

Type of Course: Part-time

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